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Everlens Weddings - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Our Magic Mirror Photobooth and 360 booth are ready to roll.

Make your wedding a night to remember.

Picture this: your wedding day, filled with endless laughter, goofy props, and your favorite people striking poses they never thought possible. That's the magic of our 360 photobooth experience! We're not just talking about any old photobooth – our 360 photobooth is a memory-making machine that turns your special day into a whirlwind of hilarious and heartwarming memories. Imagine Aunt Judy donning oversized sunglasses, your college pals striking a pose, and Dad showing off his best dance moves – all captured on video ready to post online! Full of personality and easily shareable. The best thing? You can re-watch them for years to come!

Add some Photobooth Fun!

Add another element of surprise to your big day! While the beat keeps rocking, guests can sneak off the dance floor for a fun little break. With a variety of props and personalized photo cards kids and adults can snap fun shots and take home tangible memories to frame, hang up and relive!

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